Golden Health

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatments

These full body treatments or targeted manipulations are for pain relief and general health. The doctor manipulates the joints of the body to stimulate the brain. The right chemicals are produced to move the body to wellness.

Nutrition Therapy

This customized program helps you address underlying deficiencies, toxicities, infections or infestations which hinder you from achieving your ideal health. We ensure that your body is responding appropriately and adapt as needed.

Medical Marijuana

Relieve insomnia, anxiety, pain and more with medical marijuana. Reserve a consultation for your initial visit. We will discuss the best treatment plan for you which will include a renewal visit, a CBD consult visit and a follow-up visit.


Lipotropic Spray

Be thin sublingual lipotropic spray is an all-natural way to lose weight while maintaining a healthy body weight. Be Thin is composed of essential nutrient groups that increase metabolism and accelerate fat burning.

Natural Vitamin Blend

Boosts energy and metabolism with Be Energized natural vitamin blend. This vitamin blend contains lipotropics and b-vitamins to increase energy and metabolism as well as detoxifying the liver. Lipotropics (Inositol/Choline) – mobilizes fat from the liver; increases metabolism B12 – increases energy and metabolism.

Sublingual Spray

Improve Immune System Response Replenish NAD+ Restore Cellular Function Protect Against Oxidative Damage. Glutathione, Inositol, and Nicotinamide play key roles in cellular metabolism which can dramatically raise energy levels, strengthen the immune system, ght in ammation, improve athletic performance, detoxify the body, aid in cellular repair and even slow down the aging process. Unlock the secret to health and longevity found in every cell of the human body.

Colon Cleanser

Be Free is a natural cleansing formulation that is mild and fast acting. Contains natural cascara sagrada, rhubarb root, ginger root and aloe curacao for effective results. Help soothe the gastrointestinal tract, relieving indigestion and abdominal cramping. Ginger can aid in the cleansing process of the bowels, skin, and kidneys. It contains phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium, magnesium, vitamins A, C, and B-complex and some protein.