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At Golden Health and Wellness, it is our goal to empower your body to heal from within, taking a proactive approach to helping our clients live a pain free enjoyable life. We specialize in treating conditions ranging from chronic joint pain and arthritis to injuries, as well as problems solving for your day to day health needs. We provide not only primary care but a regenerative approach to medicine because we believe that everyone is entitled to heal. 

Furthermore, we are here to support our female clients with a large range of specialized, state-of-the-art treatments to bring back the quality of life a woman deserves. Whether it’s a primary care need, joint pain, women’s wellness, aesthetic needs or hormone health, let our skilled staff at Golden Health and Wellness advocate for you!

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Raving Fans

Elizabeth Lehleitner

Dr. Long is an amazing physician who has a very comprehensive and holistic approach to healing pain. I had significant lower back pain due to a hip being out of place. She was very thorough and I experienced almost immediate relief.

Starr Greer

Dr. Long is a Great doctor who took her time with my family and I. She was very thorough and efficient in my care. We are very pleased with the care we received.

Virginia Slaughter

Kiana is truly gifted at alternative pain management. She was able to provide interventions and counseling specific to me to get me back in my best shape. I cannot say enough good things about all she has done for me!